What is the pumpkin Plan? 

The Pumpkin Plan is a super simple but POWerful plan to grow an incredible business in any field

You know those giant pumpkins you see online or the news in the Fall? 

 Turns out, the secret to growing those incredible pumpkins is the same as the secret to growing an incredible business.  

In Mike Michalowicz’s best selling and down to earth business book, we use the fun metaphor of giant pumpkin farming to learn how to grow remarkably successful businesses.  



Here's how the pumpkin plan works:



Those incredible pumpkins don’t just grow from any old seeds – you need special giant pumpkin seeds.

In business we need to identify and leverage your biggest natural strengths



Pumpkin plants need water. Businesses need sales.

Sell, sell, sell! 


As they grow, routinely remove all of the diseased or damaged pumpkins

These pumpkins just aren’t going to grow to be giants.

In business we need to fire all our small-time, rotten clients. It is a harsh truth but truth nonetheless – one bad apple always ruins the whole bunch. These clients are stifling your business.


Become fanatical about weeding your garden. Zero weeds.

You don’t want anything to interfere with that precious pumpkin plant.

In business it is a CONSTANT battle to eleminate distractions (hint: they tend to come disguised as opportunities)  


Start identifying the faster-growing pumpkins as they start to emerge and remove the others

You want all the energy of the vine to go into a growing single pumpkin – the most promising one.

In business we need to identify our top clients and remove the rest.


Nurture that fat pumpkin like it is your newborn baby.

In business we need to focus all our attention on those TOP CLIENTS because they the key to our remarkable business. Find out what they want and then blow them away with something even better.
Then MULTIPLY those clients by finding others like them.


Watch it grow!

Apparently in the last days of the season these pumpkins grow so fast you can actually see it happen!

In business, if we’ve done all the steps above we’ve set ourselves up to own a REMARKABLE business.

Let’s Grow Your business like a big, fat pumpkin
are you ready to create a truly remarkable business? 

Hi! I’m Redge, a Pumpkin Plan Certified Strategist. I’d love to work with you on Pumpkin Planning your creative / maker or artistic business to grow it into something truly remarkable! 

I offer a 100{d5c8bfa8c1b2427f57332258ef7d4e38936fe925bb7a01ff35e7a4832af9b6c8} free 1 hour coaching session that is:

  • 0{d5c8bfa8c1b2427f57332258ef7d4e38936fe925bb7a01ff35e7a4832af9b6c8} Pressure (seriously, no pressure at all)
  • 100{d5c8bfa8c1b2427f57332258ef7d4e38936fe925bb7a01ff35e7a4832af9b6c8} Valuable (as in, my goal is to send you away with as much value for your business as I can possibly give you)
  • 0{d5c8bfa8c1b2427f57332258ef7d4e38936fe925bb7a01ff35e7a4832af9b6c8} Sales Pitch – if you find it valuable, and want more where that came from, we can talk about next steps.)