Introducing the Makers Guild:

Strategic Action Group 
Survive & Thrive through this crisis together

COVID-19 is affecting ALL our businesses. Many of our patrons are putting a pause on their purchases while at the same time many of us are losing other stable sources of income like part time jobs that we rely on to level out our income. Customers can’t have us in their homes and sure aren’t coming into our stores. On top of all that it is hard to not get dragged down by the incessant barrage of bad news flooding our feeds all day long.

That is why Makers Guild is launching  Strategic Action Groups to provide direct support for you and your business.


Join a Strategic Action Group to:

Get Clarity: fear, inaction and chaos all stem from a lack of clarity. Get clear on what you need to do so nothing holds you back from taking decisive action on your business.

Feel Supported: Running a business is especially lonely right now. Let’s face this challenge TOGETHER!

Think outside the box for effective solutions: engage the HIVE MIND of your fellow makers & creators to innovate through the crisis

Adapt to the new environment

Pivot: many businesses are taking new approaches in response to COVID19 that are actually better than they were before.

Take back control of your situation.

What exactly are Strategic Action Groups?

Strategic Action Groups are small groups of makers who join together to help each other to succeed in these challenging times. We will meet regularly to keep everyone on track, moving towards our creative and business goals. We help each other to solve the problems we are facing – because we’re all facing similar problems & challenges. We keep each other accountable to our goals. We encourage each other when the going gets tough.

We flourish together.

What Happens at a Strategic Action Group Meeting?

Groups meet every week online via Zoom. I personally chair each group providing facilitation, education and coaching.

We keep our schedule tight to make the most of the time together. Each meeting contains the following elements to ensure that you are pushing your creative business forward

1) Review Progress & Mutual Support

We get right to business with first things first: encouraging each other through these tough times and keeping each other focused and accountable towards our goals. Did everyone complete their “Next Actions”? If not, how can we help?

2) Business Education

Learn a bite-sized and super practical bit of business know-how tailored to creative businesses like ours and the wild times we are living in. Walk away with some ACTION STEPS to implement in your business right away.

3) Pick Next Actions

Before we wrap up, each member states their next action(s) that they commit to taking in their business to push things forward. We keep each other accountable to accomplish our goals.

About Your Coach

I’m Condredge Dole, I’ve been running my own businesses for basically my whole career – first as a web designer helping small businesses with their marketing, and now as a woodworking building board game tables.

I’m passionate about empowering makers & creators (like you!) succeed in business so that you can pursue your craft and make the world a better place with your art.

Join a Strategic action group:

3 Month Program

In response to COVID-19’s impact on our businesses, Strategic Action Groups will run for 3 months.

Live Weekly Meetings. 

Every week we will be meeting via Zoom on an interactive video conference which you can join on your computer or your phone.

We are only looking for folks who are committed to each other and their own businesses, but if you aren’t able to make the call, they will be recorded so you can catch up later (but we’ll miss you!).

Small Groups

You’ll be in a small group along with myself and up to 5 other makers like you and me.

Strategic Action Chat 

Between meetings you’ll have access to a private group chat with myself and the members of your group. Think of it as a virtual coffee station (or pub if you prefer) where we can support, encourage and help each other throughout the week. I be on there when I’m able to, and between all the members of the group we are going to have each others’ backs and also have a mutual support structure.

Hosted by myself, Condredge Dole, business coach and fellow maker.

I will host & chair each group providing guidance the discussion and to help you gain the clarity and direction you need to face the challenges of COVID-19 in your maker business.

I am taking time out of my own maker business to run these groups because I am passionate about the Maker Movement and believe that we can succeed together, even in these turbulent times! The fee for joining a group not only allows me to invest the time needed to make sure this provides massive value for you and your business, but also ensure that every member is INVESTED into the success of the group. I’ve priced this as affordably as I can to allow as many maker businesses to participate as possible. 

Guarantee:  I am convinced that you will get many times the value out of the group, but if after 30 days you don’t believe you’ve received more value than the cost of the tuition I will gladly refund you your money no questions asked.


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If you absolutely cannot afford this:

I am doing this to help as many people as I possibly can through this incredibly hard time. If you absolutely cannot pay the tuition fee for the Strategic Action Group I don’t want anyone to be left behind because they don’t have the funds. It is times like these that we need to pull together to get through this.

That is why I’m offering a “Pay what you can” option. Please do pay what you can as I’m taking time away from my business to run these groups .

If you *can* afford to pay, please don’t take advantage of this so that I can continue to offer it for people who really need it.

Finally, please ensure that you are completely committed to attending every meeting and contributing to the group.

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