Grow your craft and your business

Maker Councils: 
Groups of Creators like you Working together to grow our businesses

Creative entrepreneurs, makers, artists, artisans – we aren’t all that different. We face the same sorts of challenges in our art and our businesses. We are all passionate about what we do. Let’s work together to grow!



Being an artist or maker can often be a lonely endeavour. How about joining a team who all have each others’ backs?

Grow Together

 We can all learn from each other and spur each other on to new levels of creativity and success.

What exactly are maker councils?

Maker Councils are small groups of makers who join together to help each other to succeed. Maker Councils meet regularly to keep everyone on track, moving towards our creative and business goals. We help each other to solve the problems we are facing – because we’ve all faced similar problems & challenges. We keep each other accountable to our goals. We encourage each other when the going gets tough.

We flourish together.

What Happens at a Maker Council Meeting?

Maker Councils meet weekly. I sit on each council providing facilitation and education.

We keep our schedule tight to make the most of the time together. Each meeting contains the following elements to ensure that you are pushing your creative business forward

1) Review Progress

We get right to business with first things first: keeping each other accountable towards our goals. Did everyone complete their “Next Actions”?

3) Get in the Hotseat

On a rotating basis, each member of the Maker Council gets to enlist the help of the Council on tackling the biggest challenges in their business. We all work together to help you overcome anything that is stopping you from succeeding.

2) Business Education

Learn a bite-sized and super practical bit of business know-how tailored to creative businesses like ours. Walk away with some ACTION STEPS to implement in your business right away.

4) Pick Next Actions

Before we wrap up, each member states their next action(s) that the commit to taking in their business to push things forward. We keep each other accountable to accomplish our goals.

Join a maker Council:

If you are interested in joining a maker council or would like more information, please get in touch!