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Daily creative Projects

Challenge yourself with a daily creative project! Creating & publishing your work daily can be a powerful way to dramatically improve your craft, expand your creative limits while building awareness for your work.

Let’s do it together!


Janie Stapleton as an accomplished artist who has done many daily creative challenges over the years including a full 365 day project (!!) and, most recently, a 100 day comic-a-day challenge that culminated in a successful Kickstarter campaign for a book based on her comics.

I’m Condredge Dole, a woodworker who created Makers Guild which is all about makers & artists helping each other to succeed in our creative businesses. I’ve also dabbled in a few daily creative projects of my own.

Together, we want to help you to succeed at your daily creative project in the context of a group of peers all commited to doing this together. 

Let's do this together!

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