Are you ready to LEVEL UP Your Creative Business?

Strategy Sessions
for makers & artists

I offer fun & effective one-on-one coaching to help you MOVE FORWARD. My collaborative approach is designed to draw out your authentic path: giving you clarity and confidence to take action.

Why Coaching?

You absolutely have what it takes! You are incredibly capable. But sometimes it can make all the difference in the world to just get a little outside help to bring that out of you. Sometimes you need some outside perspective. Someone in your corner, cheering you on, holding you accountable, being honest with you, seeing your best and sometimes even calling you out when you are playing beneath your true capabilities. This is exactly what I bring (and so much more).

Unlock Your Potential

It happens to all of us sometimes: we get stuck, going in circles, locked up. But that’s not who you are! Coaching can help you break free.

Overcome Overwhelm

As creative entrepreneurs there are SO MANY things we “should” be doing. Everyone has advice and there’s simply too much to do. I won’t let you drown in the overwhelm – I’ll coach you through and get you back on solid ground.

Create Clarity

Without clarity it is incredibly difficult to move forward (which way even IS forward when you don’t have clarity?). Together we will create that crystal clear path you need to allow you to start RUNNING towards your goals.

Let’s Do this!

I would LOVE to meet you and discuss your goals & challenges & business. Go ahead and book in a time for us to chat. This is a completely friendly call with zero pressure just lets us get to know each other and see if we might be a good fit for a coaching relationship.