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Making a living as a maker (woodworker, metalworker, electronics hacker, digital fabricator, fibre-artist, etc…) can be elusive, but the Maker community is up for any challenge! Let’s come together and help each other to succeed in our creative and artistic businesses.

What we do

Maker’s Guild is all about helping artists, creators and makers of all types to succeed creatively and in their businesses. Here are some of the things I do to support creative types like you:

Makers Guild Podcast

Weekly podcast about running a *successful* creative business.  I deep dive into all kinds of topics related to business – all through the lens of artistic, creative and hands-on type work.

Business Strategy

If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels with your business, perhaps it is time to get a little outside help?


Maker Councils

It can be lonely running a business. Especially if you are running a one-person-show! That’s why we created Maker Councils. Get teamed up with some growth-minded creators like you. Journey together towards mutual success.

Maker Meetups: YYC

Explode your progress and growth by meeting fellow makers here in Calgary. When we connect we *multiply* our creativity, our strengths and our opportunities. Be inspired by other creators living right here in Calgary. 

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Message me so we can talk – I GENUINELY LOVE talking to fellow makers & business owners. My goal is to have one-on-one conversations with as many makers as I can. I’d love to get to know you – what you make, what you are passionate about and how I can shape this Makers Guild community to serve you & other makers better.

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